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New name, same advantages, when August Lundh becomes Roltex.

You might already know August Lundh well. For almost a hundred years, they have been delivering high-quality household products to catering businesses and commercial kitchens. What started as a small-scale production business in Eskilstuna, Sweden, has grown to become a prosperous corporation with a fan base stretching well outside Sweden’s borders. 

Now, they are taking a longer step abroad, and merging with us, the Roltex family. We have been friends for a long time, and a fondness has grown between us. Therefore, in January 2024 we are joining hands and entering the future together as one.

You are welcome to join us, and continue to enjoy the same benefits and high service level as before, but now under the joint name Roltex.

Contact details

As the question might arise; August Lundh will still offer the same high level of service as yesterday, however under the name of Roltex. The company details remain the same but under a new brand name:

Roltex Nordic

Hejargatan 14
632 29 Eskilstuna

+46 16 51 72 40

As good as before, when August Lundh becomes Roltex

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