Make it your own

We are a company with a big heart for our customers. With a yes-we-can mindset, we want to help you, our customers with the best advice in choosing the product design that suits your interior, brand and operational needs. As you may already know our trays with an everlasting woodprint, timeless colour or unique design, why not creating a tray surface that completely tells your customer about your brand, culture and experience? Or add your logo to our range of unbreakable drink- and tableware?

Let us help you creating an amazing product that can not only whitstand your service, but will also enhance your customer's experience by perfectly matching to your interior and brand.

Ready? Scroll down.

Tips & tricks

Earth trays & laminate: with a beautiful printed design running smoothly over the borders, these two ranges are real eye-catchers in personalised trays. The Wave and Puro range have a matt structured surface, all other trays are satin glossy for extra power in colour. Trays can be personalised on front and back.

Polyester: with its robust borders, our strong polyester tray its flat surface can be personalised entirely. Your dream design will be our goal design. Choose for the Grain range if you want to spice things up with a matt structured surface. Other polyester trays are satin glossy.

Dura & S-Plank: combining the allover print with a polyester core, that's our Dura and S-Plank range. You may call it best of both worlds. All Dura trays and S-Planks have a matt structured surface and can be personalised on front and back of the tray. Feels and looks natural.

Plastic trays: all plastic trays can be personalised with a small logo. For larger quantities our Paturel and PP small can also by personalised with a large longlasting label covering the entire flat surface.

Unbreakables: tumblers, plates, cups, bowls, cutlery, ... all can be personalised with your brand, logo or design. Standard at a max. 62% of its diameter, don't hesitate contacting us for special inquiries. 

Technical information

Our design lab is always happy to help you and will create a visual upon your needs. Send your logo or design to your sales contact and they will arrange a visual within 48h. 

Speed things up and check your files on

  • 300DPI resolution at final print size
  • jpg, png, pdf, tiff, psd, ill, ind, ... formats work
  • Create outlines for all text used
  • Enclose color profile for great prints
  • Have at least 1 cm bleed on each side for personalised trays and perfect finishing

Specific colours like Pantone, RAL, ... we aim for the best match.
Foil and fluo colours might be available in the future.

Download our templates

Are you the designer or do you have a team to support you creating this wonderfull personalised product? Download our templates here and start designing yourself. 

If something happens along the way designing, do not hesistate contacting us. Our design lab is always happy to help.

Inspiration corner

Thanks to the many years of experience, we are proud being the expert in personalisation. We have an inhouse printing team that operates on large format digital printers to always be spot on the required quality and colour. Discover some examples we did in the past years, maybe they can inspire you creating your very own design.