Towards a greener future

Many people think that plastic is negative for the environment, perhaps depending on alarm reports about plastics in the oceans or litter around us in nature. And that plastic comes from oil, which means emissions of greenhouse gases. But if used correctly, plastic can be the most environmentally friendly option.

Examples of environmental friendly plastics


  • Thermoplastics can be recycled and turned into new plastic products
  • Energy consumption throughout the production process is lower than for many alternative materials
  • The material enables lower weight in, for example, packaging and vehicles, which over a product's life cycle results in a reduced net emission of carbon dioxide

We at Roltex are constantly working to contribute to the tough environmental goals set by our customers and our own organisation. Our ambition is to be the industry leader in environment and sustainability.

We are proud of our environmental certified production, however we also want to do more than just comply with current legislation. We manufacture products that will last for the world we want to live in, and the world we want to leave behind.

Environmental friendly material choices

To take our environmental work one step further, we have introduced a new, environmental friendly bioplastic in our Malko-Progress series. Traditional plastics are made from crude oil, however bio-based plastics also consist of biological produced raw materials, such as starch.

By adding biodegradable resources, CO2 emissions are reduced, which in turn means that the environmental impact is drastically reduced.

The plastic maintains the same high quality and is 100% recyclable.

Green production

Plastic processing is energy-intensive and therefore our producing sister company Mälarplast invested in a solar cell plant in 2018 that now covers our roofs.

The plant produces approx. 130 MWh per year, which corresponds to the annual consumption of electricity for the production of Roltex' products, or approx. 10% of the production's total electricity consumption.

Our environmental investments make us and our plastic production one of Sweden's most environmentally friendly and sustainable alternatives.


We recycle as much as possible of waste and scrap from our production in Eskilstuna. The waste is sorted, ground down and can be used to produce new products.

Our products are designed to withstand demanding environments, however over time your plastic product will wear out and may need to be replaced for various reasons.

The plastic we make our products from is 100% recyclable and by recycling our products you too can contribute to reducing the environmental impact.

The plastic maintains the same high quality and is 100% recyclable.

Sustainability report


With the 17 global goals for sustainable development from agenda 2030 and Sweden's 16 environmental quality goals as a starting point, the sustainability report describes how Roltex and sister company Mälarplast work actively with improvements within the entire organisation to reduce negative effects on the environment that can be affected by our operations.

The annual sustainability report has been completed by the company's environmental officer Tommy Eriksson in March 2021 for reporting at the management review in May and to the supervisory authority. Mälarplast's operations require a permit (environmentally hazardous operation, B-classification, since 2017).