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The information on the website is general in nature. It is not adapted to personal or specific circumstances and can therefore not be regarded as personal, professional or judicial advice for the user. Roltex does everything in its power to ensure that the information made available is complete, correct, accurate and updated. However, despite these efforts inaccuracies may occur when providing information. If the information provided contains inaccuracies or if specific information on or via the site is unavailable, Roltex shall make the greatest effort to ensure that this is rectified as soon as possible. Roltex cannot be held responsible for direct or indirect damage caused by the use of the information on this site. The site manager should be contacted if the user has noticed any inaccuracies in the information provided by the site. The contents of the site (including links) may be adjusted, changed or extended at any time without any announcement or advance notice. Roltex gives no guarantees for the smooth operation of the website and cannot be held responsible in any way for poor operation or temporary unavailability of the website or for any type of damage, direct or indirect, which may occur due to the access to or use of the website. Roltex can in no case be held liable, directly or indirectly, specifically or otherwise, vis-à-vis anyone for any damage attributable to the use of this site or any other one, in particular as the result of links or hyperlinks including, but not limited to, any loss, work interruption, damage of the user’s programs or other data on the computer system, hardware, software or otherwise. The website may contain hyperlinks to websites or pages of third parties or refer to these indirectly. The placing of links on these websites or pages shall not imply in any way the implicit approval of the contents thereof.  Roltex expressly declares that it has no authority over the contents or over other features of these websites and can in no case be held responsible for the contents or features thereof or for any other type of damage resulting from their use.


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This site is governed by Belgian law. Only the courts of the district of Ghent are competent to settle any disputes.


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Roltex believes that your privacy is important. While most of the information on this site is available without having to ask the user for personal information,  the user may be asked for some personal details. This information will only be used to ensure a better service.  (e.g. for our customer database, to keep users informed of our activities, etc.). The user may, free of charge and on request, always prevent the use of his personal details for the purposes of direct marketing. In this regard, the user should contact Roltex, Industrielaan 27 – BE9320 Erembodegem or via info@roltex.be. Your personal details will never been transferred to any third parties (if this should occur, you will be informed). In accordance with the law on the processing of personal data of 8 December 1992, the user has the legal right to examine and possibly correct any of his/her personal details. Subject to proof of identity (copy of the user’s identity card), you can via a written, dated and signed request to Roltex, Industrielaan 27 – BE9320 Erembodegem or via info@roltex.be, receive free of charge a written statement of the user’s personal details.  If necessary, you may also ask for any incorrect, incomplete or irrelevant data to be adjusted or to be forgotten. Roltex can collect non-personal anonymous or aggregate data such as browser type, IP address or operating system in use or the domain name of the website that led you to and from our website, ensuring optimum effectiveness of our website for all users.


Sales terms & conditions


  1. These General Terms and Conditions are applicable with regard to and from part of all legal relations between the Vendor and the Client (amongst others offers, orders, agreements, deliveries, sales, invoices, etc.).

  2. Placing a (purchase) order and/or accepting an invoice implies that the Client has been duly informed of and has unconditionally accepted these General Terms and Conditions. This explicitly excludes the applicability of the Client’s own terms and conditions. Deviations are only deemed valid if agreed in writing by both parties.
  3. By placing a (purchase) order, the Client acknowledges to be fully informed about the product, its specifications and its terms of use, as well as its means of application.
  4. All deliveries are ex works. Delivery terms and completion deadlines are at all times stipulated approximately and are non-binding for the Vendor. Any delay with regard to these terms can never be a reason for annulment of an order, the dissolution of an agreement and/or damages due by the Vendor.
  5. Without any prior notice of default, the Vendor is allowed to suspend and/or annul every delivery or fulfillment of the agreement if the Client does not comply with his contractual duties, amongst others his expenditure commitments.
  6. The products remain the Vendor’s property until full payment of all amounts due, interests and damages included. The Client undertakes not to alienate the products before fully paying the Vendor. The risk passes onto the Client as of delivery of the products.
  7. Any complaint with regard to the products has to be sent by duly motivated registered letter to the Vendor within eight days upon delivery. After expiry of this term, the Client is deemed to have permanently accepted the delivered products. A complaint concerning a product does not relieve the Client of his expenditure commitments towards the Vendor. Complaints with regard to an invoice have to be sent by duly motivated registered letter to the Vendor within eight days upon the sending of the invoice. After expiry of this term, the Client is deemed to have definitively accepted the invoice.
  8. Any possible compensation for damages, to which the Vendor could be held liable, is at all times limited to a maximum amount equaling the price of the agreement (exclusive of VAT).
  9. All invoices are to be paid contant at the Vendor’s registered office. In case of total or partial nonpayment on the due date, ipso iure and without prior notice of default, an interest of 12 % per annum will be due, as well as a flat-rate compensation for damages equaling 10 % of the invoiced amount, with a minimum of 125,00 EUR. The Vendor can be awarded higher compensation for damages, if such evidence is produced. In case of one (even partially) unpaid invoice due by the Client, all unpaid invoices - even these that are not yet due - will be immediately claimable and payable.
  10. The Client represents to the Vendor to be the lawful owner, holder or user of all rights, of what nature whatsoever, attached to the drawings, photographic material, models and/or pictures of any kind, that the Vendor is provided with by the Client and that the Vendor uses by order of the Client in producing, manufacturing and/or printing of products, or in executing the agreement between the parties. The Vendor cannot be held responsible nor liable and does not have any obligation to audit, inspect or investigate the existence or the validity of these rights. In case the Vendor is being held responsible or liable with regard to any infringement on intellectual or industrial property rights of any kind, inter alia copyrights and trademarks, the Client shall hold the Vendor harmless against (any claim of) any third party for all financial and other consequences related to this infringement. The Client undertakes to respect all intellectual property rights of the Vendor at all times.
  11. Our products must be washed at least 3 times before use; as specified in the applicable care instructions.
  12. Disclaimer of Warranty: Roltex does not provide any warranties on any damage due to misuse or improper use of our products. Examples (non-exhaustive list) are: using our products to heat or to freeze food or other materials, using our products as cutting surface, washing our products in a way they are rubbing against each other, storing our products in stacks of more than 100 pieces, sliding our products out of a stack, damages due to impact (e.g. from dropping or throwing), … Improper or misuse also voids any applicable warranty as stated in any specific terms.
  13. For our document of compliance for food contact to be applicable; it is required to always apply and respect the applicable care instructions. For our own production (laminate trays, polyester trays, earth trays and S-plank) the latest care instructions can be downloaded from https://roltex.be/download. When reselling our products it is the responsibility of the The Client to communicate the care instructions to the final customer. Our document of compliance for food contact is not valid in case of improper use or misuse (examples can be found in article 12 of these General Terms and Conditions). Our document of compliance is only valid for the products listed in there. It is never valid for any products with antislip.
  14. We reserve the right to alter the design of any product without notice in order to improve design and product quality.
  15. All disputes shall be exclusively governed by and construed in accordance with Belgian law. All disputes shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts at the Vendor’s registered office.