What we believe in

The world is full of possibilities for creating great experiences.

For us, it is never just a business, just a meal, just a restaurant, just a tray, just a client or just an employee. It is always so much more.

The impact that can be made through design, quality, innovation, people and cooperation should never be underestimated.

High quality products made in Europe


Our products are manufactured in Europe which is a guarantee for quality and finish. A sturdy and stylish tray, an unbreakable tumbler or plate enhances the customer experience in your restaurant, bar, canteen or hospital. That’s a statement we and our partners all agree on.

We have a close collaboration with our partners to ensure and offer our customers a wide range of products that stand for 100% quality and finish and are produced on European soil.

We work hard every day towards a more sustainable future


We are always on a dedicated mission to find a sustainable way of working and producing. We are constantly evolving and looking for new ways to take care of our planet and to contribute to the tough environmental goals set by our customers and ourselves.

Our ambition is for our production facilities to be the most environmentally friendly and sustainable solution on the market. We focus on bio-based plastics and in introducing products that are 100 % recyclable and renewable.

We want to manufacture products that will last for the world we want to live in, and the world we want to leave behind.

We have a passion for innovation


As a company, we have an innovationbased mindset. We always ask ourselves what we can do better and how we can add more value to our customers and to the industry as a whole through our product range and our service.

By always thinking ahead and trying to find new and better solutions we aim to realize a topnotch experience over the entire line.

We love to serve you


We focus on building durable and personal relationships with our partners. We are in this together, like parts of a family, the Roltex family.

As family members we are super supportive of our partners, always striving to add value for them and bring them stability, comfort, and trustworthy solutions. We offer quality products and the right tools for them to succeed.

Our team


None of the above would have been possible if it wasn't with our amazing team. Approx 35 people are working on a fulltime base to create, produce, storytell and many more. We have a passionate team in a family setting where you can easily walk in and out as yourself. After months of hard working, we gather around for a lovely paella afternoon in summer and an unforgettable kick-off party at the beginning of each year. Roltex loves to serve you, as well as their employees.


Of what we can do - Of the impact we can make


Innovative - Motivated - Positive


Respectful - Trustworthy - Caring


Personal - Approachable - Friendly


Responsible - Dedicated - Renewable

Part of a family

In this together - Shared destination - Best experience