Entrepreneur of the Year

Eskilstuna Business Community Celebrates Peter Wall as Entrepreneur of the Year

Eskilstuna, Sweden - On the evening of April 18, 2024, Peter Wall, owner of The Wallent group, was honored with the prestigious title of Entrepreneur of the Year by the business community in Eskilstuna. The award, presented by Företagarna Eskilstuna-Torshälla, recognizes Wall's outstanding achievements and contributions to the industry.

The recognition came as part of the Eskilstuna Näringsliv event, a merger of Näringslivsdagen and Marknadsplats, where the local business community gathered for a day of inspiring lectures and meetings. The evening was dedicated to celebrating the success of entrepreneurs throughout the year. The event, organized by Nyföretagarcentrum, Mälardalen Chamber of Commerce, Marknadsföreningen, and Företagarna, showcased the entrepreneurial spirit and innovation that drives the region's economy.

Peter Wall's entrepreneurial journey has been marked by his unwavering vision for the future and his commitment to sustainability. As the owner of The Wallent group, which includes subsidiaries like Roltex and Mälarplast, Wall has not only put his company on the map in Sweden and beyond but has also championed environmental awareness in an industry not typically associated with sustainability.

Under Wall's leadership, The Wallent group has undertaken innovative projects to become the greenest manufacturer in the industry. Initiatives such as the Green Loop System have been instrumental in reducing the company's environmental footprint. By prioritizing durability, innovation, and European-made foodservice products of the highest quality, Wall and his teams in Sweden and Belgium are striving to become market leaders in their field.

"We are incredibly proud of Peter Wall's achievement and the recognition he has received from the business community in Eskilstuna," says Maarten Munhoz, CEO of Roltex. "His entrepreneurial spirit, innovative strategies, and social commitment have not only propelled our company forward but have also set an example for the entire industry."

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