Make an impact with Terrazzo

Discover our new range of serving trays with the trendy Terrazzo print.

For our new Terrazzo print, our Designlab was inspired by ancient Italy. Back in the day marble and granite were often used to build churches. To save money they poured the leftovers of these materials in the concrete floor. Frequent walking over the floor caused wear and tear which revealed small pieces of granite and marble. Because of the beauty of these floors, they started using the print on other products as well. This is how Terrazzo style came to be.

Our new Terrazzo print gives your interior a refreshing look and is available in our Earth Wave, Alpha and Puro line of serving trays. The surface of these trays are mat and structured, which provides a very natural feel while using. The trays are perfect for daily use and they’re dishwasher safe (trays should only be stacked when dry).

Looking for a more durable variant made out of a stronger material that can handle multiple shifts a day? We’re also offering Terrazzo as part of our Dura line (7 different sizes) or as top layer in all our polyester trays.

Here at Roltex we also love the environment and we’re trying our best to reduce our waste. That’s why the most inspiring thing about the Terrazzo print and our serving trays is that they consist out of 90% renewable materials!

Depending on the use of the tray, we can assemble the perfect one for you. Don’t hesitate to contact us and we’ll do the rest. That way you have more time to impress your clientele with the new Terrazzo print.

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