Joint forces in Europe

Roltex and August Lundh empower the business by joining hands. One team ready for a stable future and growth.

We are delighted to announce you that we have joined forces and ensured a stable future by merging the strength of two companies that are already on the market for more than 200 years. August Lundh from Sweden and Roltex from Belgium agreed on empowering their partnership after 6 years of a trustful relationship. As one team we will be able to share all knowledge on innovation, R&D, manufacturing, market insights and many more.

We are here to offer you a wide range of catering, horeca and travel serving products. Thanks to this joint forces we present you an interesting portfolio made on Swedish and Belgian ground. On top, we'll inspire you with latest trends and design products. Our sales and customer service team is enhanced in order to offer you a solid service. With a larger team we are able to visit more customers, fairs, network events etc. Let's meet soon! :-)

The production sites of both companies stay foot in Sweden and Belgium. We want to keep our promise to only deliver high quality products that are made in Europe. One of the many leads at both companies is the care for sustainability. We'll invest time in developing more ecofriendly products and materials. For example expand the width of the green-loop, research for eco materials, recycle used products and use the material again, … Together everyone achieves more.

Along with this new set-up, there will be a new Managing Director. Pleased to introduce you to Maarten Munhoz. Maarten has been working for several companies in very effective roles and has a strong, commercial background. He will be managing our companies in both countries Belgium and Sweden. Luckily he's fluent in both Swedish and Dutch. Maarten will be supported by Daniëlle Ansoms who will now focus on growth in her new role as Business Development Director.

With a new captain on board, there are changes in the position of yesterday’s structure. Peter Wall will be chairman of the board of both companies. Peter lives in Sweden and has a strong vision on business as well as a wide knowledge in production. He is  the major shareholder of both companies August Lundh & Roltex and has his own production company as well in Scandinavia.

The previous CEO and President of Roltex, Karl Huylebroeck, is going to take it a bit easier. However he will keep investing time in R&D and Business Development as an ambassador of the company.

In a nutshell: we provide a strong foundation and prepare ourselves for a prosperous future to be your trustful partner for many years ahead.

Curious about our complete sales team? Stay tuned, we will introduce everyone soon. 

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