Design, served up in style

Discover our innovative design range of serving trays with Dura polyester tray and S-Plank for every buffet solution.

Sophisticated catering establishments are coming to realize that a tray is so much more than a tool for carrying food to a table. A tray is therefore literally a presentation system, the key finishing touch to a high-quality culinary experience. Roltex has the perfect tray for every dish on the menu.

I think we can safely say that, after more than 50 years’ experience in creating and producing trays, we’re well aware of our customers’ needs. Innovation is therefore most important to us. We’re always on the look-out for technical options to help us to design a new tray that lives up to our demands in terms of both design and quality.

‘I see a serving tray as a form of communication with your customer’ – Karl Huylebroeck, CEO of Roltex.

Discover the entire story of our design-range and read an exclusive interview with Karl Huylebroeck (CEO) and Hugo Smid (Product Designer): Read more.

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