With Earth tray Puro, Botaniste extends its branding right onto the trays.

The Puro tray is a gem from the Earth Tray collection; your tray in an ecological jacket. And that’s what they appreciate at Le Botaniste. The restaurant, with its organic and vegetable cuisine, started in New York and is now conquering Brussels and Ghent.

Roltex asked Ronan, a regular customer at Le Botaniste, about his experience with the trays and spoke to Gergory Verellen, who is responsible for purchasing the Earth tray Puro.

Customer of Le Botaniste
“A quick, healthy and organic bite: that’s what I was looking for and what I’ve found at Le Botaniste. Moreover, it is very pleasant dining here and the trays certainly contribute to that. They also fit in perfectly with the interior, are sturdy and feel good. I’m a fan!”

Gregory Verellen
Purchaser at Le Botaniste“Serve organic, vegetable and healthy food on a typical plastic tray, that’s not possible. We were looking for a product that is made with ecological materials, has a long life span and is CO2-neutral. Not obvious, until we ended up at Roltex and discovered the Earth Tray Puro. It feels natural and is 90% ecological.”

“Le Botaniste wants to offer customers not only organic food but also a unique experience. The tray plays a major role in this, because it is on average thirty minutes in front of our customers. The decision to extend the design of the restaurant to the trays was therefore quickly made. This beautiful visual design strengthens our image. Everyone loves it!”

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