BC One

Our polyester trays are being used daily at the BC One restaurant, branded with their logo.

When you arrive at BC One, the first thing you notice is how different it is from an ordinary company, owing to the focus on quality every step of the way. BC One uses absolutely fresh products, prepared by experienced chefs. BC One succeeds in putting into practice the characteristics expected of a modern catering business: quality, freshness and a flexible contemporary service. The restaurant has been using customised Roltex polyester trays for two years now. To learn more about BC One’s background we put one or two questions to Christophe Maes, a BC One employee, and Anne-Lore Vermaelen, a regular customer.

Christophe Maes
“A serving tray is a visible asset for your company. It's the first item our customers come into contact with day after day, as soon as they enter the restaurant. We are keen to ditch ‘tray-based catering in favour of ‘catering à la carte’, to offer a completely different experience. The trays we have chosen are perfectly in keeping with this requirement. We recognised Roltex as an ideal partner, thanks to its wide range of innovative products, flexibility and customisation options.”

Anne-Lore Vermaelen
“A tray has to look good. It also has to be robust and shock-resistant. When I see a tray that is completely worn out and not nice to look at, I immediately get the feeling that the place is a bit shabby.”

“The BC One logo on a tray adds that little bit extra.”

Christophe Maes
“Roltex provides a wide range and a large selection of colours and materials, plus the opportunity to customise the tray and even an ecological option.”

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